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NEUROTECHNIX is a unique forum for universities, research groups and research projects to present their research and scientific results, be it by presenting a paper, hosting a tutorial or instructional course or demonstrating its research products in demo sessions, by contributing towards panels and discussions in the event's field of interest or by presenting their project, be it by setting up an exhibition booth, by being profiled in the event's web presence or printed materials or by suggesting Keynote Lectures or specific thematic sessions.

Special conditions are also available for Research Projects which wish to hold meetings at INSTICC events.

Current Academic Partners:

Faculty of Medicine - University of Lisbon

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (acronym: FMUL) is a public university dedicated to teaching and research in the field of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Unidade de Fisiologia Clínica e Translacional - Instituto de Medicina Molecular

The mission of Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM) is to foster basic, clinical and translational biomedical research and innovation in this areas with the aim of contributing to a better understanding of disease mechanisms, developing novel predictive and diagnostics tests and developing new therapeutic approaches; support scientific postgraduate training of young graduates, doctors and other Health professionals; support science communication and the provision of external services in the areas of specialized diagnosis, health expertise, quality control and collaboration in national and international committees.

Located in the campus of Lisbon Medical School, the Instituto de Medicina Molecular is an Associate Laboratory of the Portuguese Ministry for Education and Science and a reference for science in Portugal.



Since Lashley’s famous “search for the engram”, neuroscientists have sought to understand the biophysical basis of memory. At the level of brain network dynamics, it is widely believed, but not proven, that the engram consists of synaptically interconnected groups of cells, as postulated by Donald Hebb. Cortical modules capable of rapidly creating “cell assemblies” are thought to be the basic building blocks of memory. Cell assemblies represent the essence of brain parallel processes, and necessitate matching parallel technologies in order to capture them.
In this project, we aim to develop methodological and conceptual foundations allowing to identify cell assemblies and equate them to memory processes. This will be done by a combination of advanced multisite, single unit neural activity monitoring, closed-loop patterned and cell specific activations, and computational techniques that would identify assembly activation in real time. We will create a technological platform for directly interacting with cell assemblies in a two-way dialogue.
More specifically, we will build an experimental platform combining cell type specific light-induced neuronal activation with multisite extracellular recordings of ensemble activity. The platform will be configured as a closed-loop approach thus being capable of reading instantaneous ensemble activity, detecting “important” activity configurations, and consequently driving an array of independent optical stimulators with specific patterns.
At the same time, we will develop computational methods allowing to infer functional interactions between neurons from the recordings of the concerted activity of the neural population, in response to a given stimulation.
Understanding the role of cell assemblies in supporting memory processes will open up new horizons for brain-machine interface technologies.


Nansen Neuroscience Network

Nansen Neuroscience Network is a knowledge network focusing on innovation in neurosciences by bringing industry and academia together through virtual platforms, seminars and meetings. The Nansen Neuroscience Network brings together academic research groups with industry and build international collaboration and partnerships to help move private and institutional research to market.